Viimsi Museum of Costal Folk
“Sylverwhitest. The Heyday Of Rävala.”

Estonian Design Awards 2014, environmental design, BRONZE
Museum Rat award 2014, The Best Exhibition of the Year, Winner

The exhibition “Silverwhitest. The Glory Days of Rävala” has been set up to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the birth of Lennart Meri (1929-2006). The exhibition presents the so-called financial heyday of Fenno-Baltic peoples — the most glorious period of our ancestors. The glory days are also reflected in the number of silver treasures found in Estonia. The exhibition consists of 3 displays, the first of which is mainly archaeological and covers the themes near and dear to Lennart Meri’s heart. It touches upon the period that the writer did not get to in his books due to the scarcity of sources. Beautiful jewellery and hidden treasures are also on display. The second display called “The Footprints of Merchants” is about the merchants of Rävala and their trade relations with the rest of the world. Trade relations of the Viking times have been compared to the modern trade environment. The question, “are the glory days really over for Estonia?” is asked. The third part of the Silverwhitest is a participation exhibition, giving the audience the chance to learn about the subject of the exhibition through different playful activities like trying their luck at an ancient market or putting on the guise of a Viking-age trader.