Seaplane Harbour

Estonian Design Awards 2017, infographics, BRONZE

“Mayday.Mayday.Mayday” is an exhibition about the different aspects of maritime rescue: how castaways were helped in the past, what was the maritime rescue system like during the first Estonian Republic and what is it like today, how to act in a life raft, what happens to someone in cold water and how to ensure safety on the beach. Drawings, schemes and 12 comic-like picture series help to illustrate the complicated themes. In addition to the exhaustive information, the visitor can look inside the different life rafts, check out the life raft equipment, try on life jackets, and use a real life rescue slide. The centrepiece of the exhibition is the helicopter MI-8 used by the Estonian Aviation Group from 1995 to 2006. The exhibition has been organised in cooperation with with the leading experts and chief institutions of Estonian maritime rescue.