Estonian Health Museum
“To Live, or Not to Live? It is All About Sugar”

Estonian Design Awards 2018. Environmental design, SPECIAL MENTION.
Golden Egg 2018. Environmental design, GOLD.

There are two evils in the world — too much and too little. Sugar — today’s number one dietary demon — stirs up passion and conjures emotions. Some love it, others hate it. Some believe they can do without it, but the truth is: wherever we go, it is already there, waiting for us. There’s no escaping it because sugar is everywhere. It’s in our body, in the surrounding environment, on the shelves of a supermarket and in our kitchen cabinets. The exhibition tells the diverse story of sugar. The animations help the visitor to understand the effects sugar has on our body, the production process of it, and history of how sugar is growing and spreading. The intriguing aspects of sugar are further illustrated on an interactive wall with animations. To insure that we can make smart decisions in our lives we need to find out what sugar is, where it can be found, why it is a necessity for our bodies, and when it becomes dangerous to us.