Eesti Ajaloomuuseum
“Whose Religion Is Correct?”

Estonian Design Awards 2017, exhibition design, SILVER

This year (2017) marks 500 years since the beginning of the Reformation. The meaning of the movement started by Martin Luther has been understood and interpreted differently through time. This exhibition will take the visitor back to the early years of the Reformation, the 16th century, and give an overview of the pursuits of medieval people to become better through religion, focusing on the Reformation movement in Estonia. The exhibition encourages visitors to relate all of its questions to the present and leave their opinions on a nail in the wall of the exhibition. The exhibition also offers activities, such as assembling jigsaw puzzles, printing flyers, or learning about the deadly sins with the help of a cheat sheet from the early 16th century. Many different church items are on display: an alms box, the end-boards and other things connected to Christian symbolism from St. Nicholas’ Church, archaeological findings from Pirita Convent, as well as books and documents from the 16th century.